Billie Jean

Updated: Feb 12

Trinity Rock and Pop Drums Grade 1

Here's a lesson for Billie Jean from the Grade 1 Trinity Rock and Pop book.

In this video, I cover all the parts in detail and play them over so you can play along. You should pause regularly and practise a part before moving on.

I also mention drum rhythm exercises, which are on the sheet here:

These rhythms are designed for those studying the Initial and Grade 1 books and will give a good foundation to learn the songs.

Billie Jean is a song by Michael Jackson, and was the second single from the 'Thriller' album. The single and album won eight Grammy Awards and eight American Music Awards.

The drums in this song need to be consistent, with the hi-hat quavers (eighth notes) being controlled with the timing correct. This will help carry the beat. The snare and bass drum also need to be consistent.

Here's the video lesson:

And check out the original song here:

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