Drum Rhythms 1 - Beginner to Grade 1

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

These drum rhythms have been designed to take you from simple exercises to basic beats that appear again and again in many genres of music. This is why you'll find them repeated in both the Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus for both Initial and Grade 1.

So, whether you're learning for fun so you can play along with music you like or whether you're planning to progress through your grades, you'll find mastering these beats a fantastic early step in your playing.

Click on the image below to download the sheet:

Don't rush through the first couple even though they are pretty easy. The aim is to hit exactly in time with the click of your metronome. All hard work you put in at this point in practising your timing will save fixing lots of bad habits later.

The target speed here is 100 bpm but start as slow as you need, taking your time to speed up. Try 60 bpm at first and then increase by 10 once you're confident.

Watch the video here to see all the rhythms played:

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