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BA (Hons) First Class

Sam Goffen

Guitar and Drums

Professional Musician, Educator and General Gear Head...


Background and Musical Experience


Sam Goffen is musician who revels in variety and can be found playing his guitar in multiple genres or laying down beats using modern computer based instruments like Native Instruments’ Maschine


He has a first-class honours degree in Creative Music Performance specialising in the guitar from the esteemed Falmouth University, learning from some of the best guitarists out there including Martin Goulding. 

As well as guitar, Sam also teaches the drums and loves to share in the success of his numerous students as they progress through their Trinity Rock and Pop Drum grades. 

He has spent time in lots of different bands honing his skills, from funk to blues to ska to rock to acoustic Americana and even playing with DJs. Combining these influences with the experience of time spent in various studios in London, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, Sam also produces his own work, writing all the music and lyrics as well as recording and mixing all parts. 


Current projects include an acoustic duo called 'Dragged South', which delves into the darker side of life within the atmospheric and broad genre of Americana, and another which is an experimental blend of modern hip-hop style beats with more traditional guitar driven funk and blues elements. His lyrics often deal with the immutables of life, such as love, loss and disillusionment and are driven by imagery and emotion.


His earliest musical memories were bands from the 60’s and 70’s such as Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols, Meatloaf, The Beatles, and Jimmy Hendrix, and walking around Glastonbury with mud up to his knees at around the age of 6 following his dad to different stages. 


The first bands Sam played in were typical 'garage bands’ playing songs from Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica and so on. He then went on to play in ska, funk and blues bands whilst at the same time cultivating an interest in EDM. The progeny of these combinations can be heard in some of Sam’s recent work. 


However, the love of just playing an acoustic guitar by itself remains as he always enjoys its tactile simplicity. This led to joining forces with a great local female singer who’d sung for many bands in the area, and performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, and 'Dragged South' was born. 


He is currently working on both of these projects with the aim of releasing Eps soon on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.



He is also an educator and has spent over 15 years working in different schools in various roles, and was a senior teacher in a school in Oxford before his children were born. At this point, Sam reassessed his priorities and decided that he should combine his love of music and education and Goffen Guitar Schools was born. After great success, this evolved and more instruments and opportunities were made available, so the name changed to Goffen Music Schools


So, alongside his music projects, Sam also works in many schools in his local area teaching children the guitar and drums. He is also a strong advocate of providing opportunities for those children who may not often get the chance to learn an instrument and actively encourages and helps schools access funding. He aims to also engage schools with current computer based technologies for music production and performance.


General Gear Head 

Sam loves new ideas and technologies and you’ll find the modern alongside the traditional in his gear catalogue. He uses digital devices such as the Kemper Amplifier and Line 6 Helix alongside his tube amplifiers, realising that different situations often call for different solutions.


 And he loves, loves different pedals and what they can do for one’s sound. This means he is always looking at the next new thing, but still loves the classics and this obsession is our advantage as Sam writes and films gear reviews and demos regularly.


These can be found at http://www.samgoffenguitar.com/gear-reviews 


Tim Badgery

BA(Hons)in Music

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Violin and Piano

Tim has been teaching since graduating in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in Music, achieving a 2:1. He has worked in both school and private settings, teaching children (5+) and adults. He is happy to enter pupils for either ABRSM or TCL exams, but understands that not all pupils wish to go down this route. His experience includes teaching people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, such as dyslexia, ADHD, or autism, and he is happy to accommodate his pupil’s individual needs. 



Violin is Tim’s principal study, which saw him achieve success throughout his degree - his knowledge of the instrument was crucial in his development of other skills, such as composition. Tim teaches Violin up to Grade 6 standard and likes his students to explore repertoire from a variety of periods and genres, and encourages participation in ensembles.


Being his second instrument, Tim teaches Piano up to Grade 4 standard. As well as the enjoyment of playing the instrument itself; he has found that through learning the Piano, his pupils have been able to have a more confident grasp of the theoretical aspects of Music. 

Music Theory

Tim offers lessons in Theory to support pupil’s with their wider musical learning, and also to work towards specific exams (including Grade 5 Theory, GCSE or A-Level).


Other Work

Tim is experienced in leading therapeutic group music sessions  and workshops for children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. He also offers tuition in: Composition & Song-writing, Aural, and Curriculum Music, and is highly skilled in arranging music and ensemble direction. 

Aside from his music-based work, Tim does support work with children and adults who have special education needs and/or disabilities.


Further Information

Tim is subscribed to the DBS Update Service and holds PLI. He has completed numerous courses in safeguarding and child protection; including, EduCare’s “Child Protection in Education (Music)” which is accredited by The Musician’s Union. In addition to ensuring these are kept up-to-date, Tim is keen to take part in continuing professional development activities.