Uptown Funk

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Trinity Rock and Pop Drums Grade 1

Hope you enjoy this one, it's great fun to play.

There are a few different things to keep in mind with this song:

  • a steady beat with consistent a hi-hat, snare and kick throughout.

  • bars 21-24 make sure the solo kick drum really hits on each click.

  • the crescendo (the build) in bars 25-27 needs to be steady, make sure you start really lightly so you've got somewhere to go. If you start hitting hard, how can you get louder?

  • from bar 32 on we've got the semi-quaver (16th note) hits. These need to be in time with the horns.

Take each section slowly and don't rush the piece.

Pause the video regularly and practise a section before moving on.

Once you can play this along with the track, I just know you'll love it - so much fun.

Use an app like AnyTune or of course Trinity's own to help slow the track down for practice as you can then play with the music at a slower tempo.

And here's the lesson:

And here's the original to play along with too:

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