Trinity Rock and Pop Drums Initial Grade

Here's a video lesson going through all parts of this piece. This is a great song and also one of the Technical Focus pieces, so a brilliant choice to learn.

Yellow was originally written and recorded by Coldplay, who are an UK based group who hit the big time after this single was released, just a couple of weeks before the album Parachutes.

The technical aspects to really focus on in this piece are the cymbal changes, from crash, to closed hi-hats, to trashy hi-hats, to the ride cymbal - there's a lot going on and the changes between each section using these different cymbals need to be smooth and confident.

Make sure when playing the crash and trashy hi-hat that you don't drown out the rest of the kit. Be careful with your balance here.

Also, in the little drum break in bars 23 / 24, play a strong confident kick aiming for perfect timing played to crotchet beats (quarter notes).

Finally, remember to have fun. It's a brilliant song to play along with and you're going to love it as soon as you get the basics down.

Here's the video:

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