Sticking and Zoning Pt 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Moving on from the first lesson, this one introduces the next step.

We're adding the kick on the end of the sticking, so it now becomes a 3 beat pattern. Using this, we then play through the different note values of quavers, triplets and semi-quavers.

This becomes a challenge for our timing as a 3 beat pattern is not going to sit exactly in a beat when we're using note divisions of 2 and 4 - the quaver and semi-quaver, although it's nice and simple when playing triplets.

Here's a video talking and playing through the concept. Play along and really focus on the accents and the counting.

Take it really slowly, and use your click. This is what puts it all in context and is incredibly important.

John Bonham was a hugely influential rock drummer who you need to know about, and this concept is taken mainly from him.

We're using a concept which is often called a 'Bonham Triplet', which is (basically) hitting two drums and then the kick. You may recognise this from the lesson as by adding the kick to the end of the 'zones' we looked at in the previous lesson, this is exactly what we're doing here.

Check this article out for more info from Drummer World.

And here's a video all about Bonham's genius:

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