Old Town Road - Beginner Lesson

Old Town is a really fun song to play and just uses 4 chords. You need a capo up on the 4th fret to play along with the song, but can practise it without a capo just fine.

The chord shapes used are E, G, D and C.

Click on the logo to download the PDF.

The other great thing about the song is that you can play it as simply as you like. Just start by strumming each chord once if you're a complete beginner, and be patient - it will take a little time before you can play it fast enough to play with the song.

If you've been playing a little while and know these chords already, then experiment with the strumming patterns. Try: down, down, down up - playing on the 1, 2, 3, 4 +.

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Check out the video lesson here:

And here's the original to play along with:

As I said, be patient if you can't quite change chords fast enough yet. You'll get it in no time if you practise for a few minutes every day!

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