Drum Exercises - Open Rolls

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

What is an 'open roll'? and some fun ways to practise it.

There are many different drum rudiments (basic exercises) that should be practised often, and the Open Roll is one.

In essence, it's simply hitting twice with each hand, allowing the stick to rebound in a controlled way to make sure that the hits stay in time. However, this takes practice and dedication, especially on the weaker hand, and especially at any high tempo.

So, here's a video explaining the very basics of an Open Roll, and then taking you through some exercises that will help you practise.

When doing these, play at a tempo which allows you to play accurately. In other words, if you're hitting quavers, they need to be clearly quavers.

Here's the video, and I hope you have fun:)

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