Lesson: Seven Nation Army - Rockschool Acoustic Grade 1 2019

Updated: Mar 24

Complete lesson for the Rockschool Acoustic Grade 1 piece, Seven Nation Army.

Check out the video below in which you can hear the piece played in full and then watch a breakdown of the sections. Scroll down further for the tab and also information about the song.

This is the tab for the song. I've split it into 3 sections: the main riff; the 'build' and the chorus.

Main Riff

This part is played throughout the first part of the song, including the intro and verse. In all, we play it 10 times before the 'build', which finishes the verse part and connects it to the higher chorus.

The 'Build'

Remember to be careful how many of each note you play. We need to count the first bar (the 3s on the bass E string) as 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +. That's 8 times in total.

The second bar, we play 7 times because we stop at '4' and don't play the '+' after it. This is handy as it gives us a little extra time to move our hands ready for the next pattern on the high E string.

The Chorus

This is played to the same rhythm as the first part. So if you've got that down, this should be fine. However, notice the change in the 4th bar. Not too hard though as long as you practise it, and it sounds great when you get it right.

Watch the video if you're unsure about any of this as it'll really help.

Other information

This song is an absolute rock classic. Written and played by the White Stripes back in 2003. 'The White Stripes' was Jack White on guitar and his wife Meg on drums both wearing their distinctive red and white clothes.

Jack played this song on his electric guitar with an effect that makes his guitar sound much lower than usual, almost like a bass guitar. The drum part is actually very simple and appears in Trinity Rock and Pop Drums Grade 1 syllabus.

Song: Seven Nation Army

Album: Elephant

Genre: Alternative Rock / Garage Rock

Written by: Jack White

Check out the original video here: