Ain't No Sunshine - Rockschool Debut Acoustic

Updated: Apr 7

Love this song, a total classic.

Really this is made up of only 3 different patterns that you need to learn. In this lesson, you'll see the entire song, then go through each part separately and then we'll put it all together so you can play the song.

This arrangement was written by Jono Harrison and is taken from the Rockschool Debut book.

For pattern 1, make sure that the longer notes are held for their full length. Remember that minims are held for a count of 2 and semibreves, 4.

In pattern 2, check you can hear all the notes and that your fingers aren't blocking any of the strings. Notes should be evenly spaced in each bar (quaver notes) and be nice and clear.

Pattern 3 uses the same note values as pattern 1. This means the rhythm is the same. Keep relaxed and, again, make sure the chords sound clearly.

All of this is covered in the video lesson below, so watch that too. Also please remember, pause the video frequently and learn the parts a little at a time.

I'd expect a beginner to learn this entire song in a few weeks depending on your practice routine. Some will learn it in 2 and some more like 12.

As with all these pieces, it's a good idea to have the book. Click here:

And navigate down to the Acoustic books.

Remember to download the music as well from the Rockschool site so you can play along with the pieces. You can get apps like AnytunePro that you can use to slow down music for practice too.

Here's the video lesson:

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