Guitar and Drum Books for all levels...

For Guitar


The main books we use for teaching are all proven to work very well in one to one or group environments, and often have very good backing tracks to play along with.  They lead on to each other in a very natural way, providing consistent progression. 

We usually use at least one book before moving onto grades, and encourage students to do this when they are ready. If a grade is started too early, learning the same pieces for months becomes very monotonous. 

The First Books we start with are:


Guitar Basics is aimed at younger children and is fantastic for not only learning to play the guitar but also for reading music. A great book that leads well into Classical or Rockschool style grade syllabi.

Guitar for Kids is also very good and gets children playing chords quickly. There's a more popular music focus with this book rather than classical. 

Both come with great backing tracks which really do help with learning. 

The next step is usually to pursue a grade. For this we use either the Trinity Classical books or the Rockschool books.

Trinity Books:


Rockschool grade books. There is a choice of books for Electric or Acoustic.




Rockschool Acoustic

Drum Books


For Drum books, we go straight in with the 

Trinity Rock and Pop 

grade books.

These are just fantastic and very inspiring and motivational with high quality backing tracks. 

It's also a great idea to get the Session Skills books for your level. These help for practice in that section of the grade examination.

Finally, a useful little book for everyone learning an instrument. A Practice Notebook for all those lesson notes.

Either of these books will do the job, with the AMRSM one being smaller if you need to fit a lot in your bag. The advantage of the larger book is that there's more room for notes.


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