Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi Review

This new iteration of the classic #ElectroHarmonix #TriangleBigMuff pedal brings the original Version 1 kicking and screaming into the modern world of small, pedalboard friendly enclosures, both in size and powering options as it simply takes a standard 9v centre negative adapter or standard 9v battery if you prefer.

Those of us who weren't around in 1969 can now experience the #Muff that started it all without shelling out crazy money for an original, and use it without worrying about damaging a rare pedal.

The nickname 'Triangle' came from the layout of the 3 controls - Volume, Sustain and Tone - and the 2018 50th anniversary commemoration follows this format. It also has the addition of a bright LED so you can see when it's on, although I'd have thought the blooming harmonics, rich sustain and full on fuzziness would be clue enough!

How does it sound?

My overall impressions are that this is a great sounding pedal that can go from bluesy crunch all the way to crazy full on fuzz, with great harmonics and creamy sustain. The mids are absolutely heavenly and really cut through a mix, which is what we're all after as guitarists.

The tone control covers a lot of ground and will ensure that the pedal will work beautifully with lots of different types of pickups. The pedal is also pretty loud and just using the volume control you can seriously push the front end of a tube amp, add into that the Sustain (gain) control and my Two Rock Studio Pro 35 was singing.


This pedal will easily suit fuzzy blues, stoner rock, Sabbath type raw, edgy sounds and even Gilmour if you add the prerequisite delay, reverb and modulation. An amazingly good sounding pedal at a very, very good price. In the UK it's available for just a little over £90 new.

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