Drum and Guitar Accessories


Here you'll find all those wonderful bits and bobs that you never even knew you needed for guitar and drum lessons, but do...

Let's start with Guitar Stuff:

The most obvious starting point is Guitar Tuners. These are a must have. Guitars are not like pianos where you tune them once a year or so, a guitar needs tuning every time you play and you need to have one to do that. Here are two great, reliable Tuners...

You don't need any more options, these two are fantastic and I've used both of them myself for years.


Although you can use Apps on your tablet or phone, I'd strongly recommend a clip on tuner like these. They are more accurate, work on vibration rather than sound and mean that you have a separate device that can stay with the guitar. 



Capos are really useful and allow you to change the key of the guitar. To put it simply, this means you can keep playing the open chord shapes you know well but play along with songs in other keys rather than having to use awkward barre chords. 

Here's a range from fun to just brilliant that'll be good enough for any learner:

These will all get the job done. A Capo is a very simple design, but the more you pay, the longer they'll last. Beware those with cheap springs. I've had the Shubb one for more years than I care to remember and as it has no spring, it just goes on an on.


Picks / Plectrums

Or whatever you prefer to call them are very handy when not playing finger style guitar, and there are millions to choose from.


Generally, thin picks are brighter in tone and better for strumming and thicker picks warmer and better for faster picking. Personally, I wouldn't go thinner than 0.5 as they get a bit flimsy. 


Here's a general selection:

Reasonably thick nylon picks, a perfect all-rounder. Great for single note runs, but good for strumming too. Also a great tone, just hard to beat really, especially for the price. 

Thicker and sharper, these are great for accurate, fast picking.

And there are plenty of fun picks out there if you're for something to inspire your child


The ever-useful Foot Stool. A humble accessory and often forgotten, this can be very useful for better posture, technique and to just stop that guitar from slipping down your lap.

Here's a quality selection of different thicknesses. Great if you're unsure of the best thickness for you or if you just want different picks for different applications. 



There are many great strings out there and which you use is often down to personal choice. Some have a certain feel to them, or maybe a brighter or warmer tone, but here are some very popular strings, which are so for a very good reason. 

Remember, if you're unsure about fitting strings, we do offer guitar maintenance. Just get in touch. 

Nylon Strings - Classical Style Guitar

The cheaper ones will be good enough for the occasional guitarist or beginner, but you'll want some decent ones if you're more serious

Acoustic Steel Strings

D'Addario are a well-respected name in acoustic guitar strings and a great starting point when choosing steel strings. Ernie Ball are, again, very good indeed and then we come back to Elixir again. One of these will certainly be sufficient whatever you may need them for, from a child's guitar all the way through to professional session players. 

Electric Guitar Strings

It's hard to go wrong with Ernie Ball Electric Guitar strings. They are very good , at a great price. They are listed here in order of gauge (thickness). Regular Slinky are generally used, but if buying for a 3/4 guitar the Super Slinky are a good idea as they are easier on the fingers. 

The Skinny Top Heavy Bottom are my favourite Ernie Ball as you get the power of the thick lower strings but all the ease of expression in the higher strings.

But if you want strings that last a really long time and sound great for ages, you really need to get Elixir. While more expensive, they are well worth it as over time they probably work out cheaper and definitely sound better for longer. 


Drum Stuff

Here are some very useful items for drummers out there, from sticks to dampers.

Standard Hickory 5A Sticks. A great weight generally suitable for most  applications. 

Here's some great ones if you want to personalise your sticks. Maybe a birthday present for someone else?


Often overlooked, but really important, check out these 

Ear Defenders

For Kids

For Adults

Damper Pads

Damper pads are really useful and help prevent unwanted resonance on acoustic kits. If you hit the drum and get a nasty reverberation, you may well need to damp the skins. There are a few ways to do this from simply using gaffer tape and tissue to getting proper gel and other products. 

Here are some ideas:


Drum Practice Pads are really useful for practising your paradiddiles, open and closed rolls and all the other rudiments that make up the basics of drumming.

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